Do you have a financial partner you can trust? 
Someone who values your relationship? 
Or are you still attempting to manage it all on your own?


We are here to help!

We serve individuals and families who seek to grow and build their wealth, ensure their legacy endures for generations, and create a better world through comprehensive financial management.

Who We Are

We provide a team approach to financial planning and investment counsel, empowering our clients to focus on achieving their life goals and feeling confident about their financial future.

Our firm was founded in 1970 as an independent insurance agency and has grown over the last 53+ years into a full-service financial firm working with clients in 30+ states. Mike and Jared are both Dave Ramsey SmartVestor Pros.

Our clients are as varied as the goals that we help them to pursue. They are educators, executives, physicians, surviving spouses, and professionals across a wide variety of vocations who are concerned with accumulating, protecting and/or distributing their wealth. We craft our recommendations to each client’s individual circumstance.

Unsure if we can help? We welcome the opportunity to discuss your unique needs with you. Call us at 940-566-1212 or Contact Us to set up a free initial consultation to meet with us and decide if our firm is right for you!

Our Principles

What You Can Count on from Us:

●      Tailored Strategies
●      Transparent Communication
●      Multi-Generational Focus
●      Ongoing Guidance
●      Alignment with Values

What We'll Never Do:

●      One-Size-Fits-All Solutions
●      Hidden Fees or Agendas
●      Short-Term Thinking
●      Neglect Long-Term Goals
●      Disregard Your Aspirations


Our Mission

To provide essential financial resources to inspire passion in our clients, our friends, helping them work toward meeting their goals, dreams and financial independence. We provide guidance to help accumulate and preserve wealth and to reach for an ever-improving lifestyle in the process of planning for and living in a dignified retirement.


Our Values

Our focus is on serving your family. We embrace the highest standards of ethics, morals and integrity as the foundation of all decision making.

What We Can Help You With

Investment Management


Financial Planning


Our Team

Are you ready to secure your legacy, elevate your wealth strategy, and live your greatest life? Request a consultation today and embark on a journey towards financial prosperity that reflects your values and aspirations. Your legacy begins here!

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